We believe in the talent and potential of people with learning disabilities

Under the Stars is a registered charity that runs performing arts workshops and events for people with learning disabilities. We believe in their talent. We believe in their creativity. Through our workshops and events, we work together to unlock their potential and change lives.

We have been running performing arts workshops since 2010, and currently welcome over 100 people a week through our doors. Our workshops are run by professional musicians, actors and dancers, and are carefully designed to help people develop and nurture their artistic skills and talent. People who come to Under the Stars also gain important life skills that can help them live independent lives.

The people who come to our workshops are part of the creative process from start to finish. We never tell them what to do. Instead, we work with them to create original music, theatre and dance pieces about issues that matter to them. This gives them a vital sense of ownership and helps them make art that is powerful, surprising and challenges perceptions of what people with a learning disability can achieve.

We encourage our artists to take a risk, to get things wrong, to express themselves and to grow as artists. The people who come here tell us that we treat them differently.

As well as running workshops, we also organise a hugely successful nightclub for adults with learning disabilities. Each of our events sees over 400 people join us for a cracking night out at the Leadmil in Sheffield. All of our DJs have a learning disability and have been trained by us to DJ professionally. The music is great, the atmosphere is friendly, and people leave having had a brilliant time with their friends.

There is no better way to understand what we do and the people we work with than to see for yourself.  You can learn more about our workshops or see when our next nightclub takes place on our website.