Sparkle Sistaz are an all female band.
We love to rock!

Find out how you can join us below...

The Sparkle Sistaz is an all-female pop rock band for women (18+) who have a learning disability.

We compose music, write songs, play instruments, make music videos and generally have a fantastic time working together.  We always welcome new women with a love of music who would like to learn how to create music themselves.  No experience of playing instruments is needed.  We work in a very inclusive way.  Every group member is encouraged to share their ideas and have a say on the music we create together.

£45 per day (10am-3pm).
We meet every Thursday (for 50 weeks per year) at Burton Street near Hillsborough.

Free taster sessions!
We offer a free taster session for anyone who might be interested in joining us.

For more information, please email or call us on (0114) 233 1869.