We are The Stars Band.

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Here’s what the band had to say about some of our songs…


“The band came up with a piece of music first and I wrote the song ‘Different’ to go with it. I am on the Autism Spectrum which means I think differently to other people. Other people don’t understand me or sometimes forget that having an hidden disability, my Aspergers makes me different to them.

It’s great performing ‘Different’ because it means a lot to me to be able to say things in the song which I wouldn’t normally say. I think people can identify with the song for their own reasons. Nobody wants to be pressured to be something they are not and it’s OK to be different.”

Do You Wanna Rock?

Ben & Craig…
“This song started off as a jam when we were rehearsing at Under the Stars at Carver Street, that’s why we put it in the lyrics. The song is about going out with your mates at the weekend and it tells people about our band too. We nearly always play this first at gigs because it’s solid.”


“I was DJ-ing in my local pub and someone was having a go at me about the music I was playing. They kept going on at me and when I told them to get off, they threw a pint of lager over me. It made me really angry! The next time I came to band practice I told everyone and we wrote a song about it. It makes me feel good when I perform it.”


“Eddy Jackson brought this song to the band. He had written all the lyrics and the melody and it was a case of working out the chords. The band picked it up and it came together really quickly.

It’s got a great summer sound and lots of people tell us how much they love this track and dance around their kitchens to it. Sadly Eddy died not long after writing this song but we had started recording it, and it was good to hear his voice while it was being finished.

We are not sure who Louise is, but the lyric about skipping always make us think of Eddy as he used to skip across the studio when we were rehearsing.”

Listen to more of our songs on Sound Cloud.