“We’ve got our eyes on you” – This is the motto of the Clubland Detectives.

Their music varies from quite dark and epic songs like ‘Darkest Night’ or ‘Bittersweet Emotion’ to more uplifting pieces like ‘Here to have a Good Time’ and ‘Wild & Free’. The bands variety in music reflects the many different characters that make up the band.


A huge fan of 80s hip-hop and comic book characters, Alexander plays guitar and adds raps onto the Clubland’s tracks. His vivid imagination is often a source of inspiration for the band. Sometimes he likes to chill out and other times he’s in the mood to dance or go to Manchester to buy Ghostbuster action figures.


An avid football and wrestling fan, Chris drums and plays guitar but is normally found on the Microphone where he has recently developed into a fantastic lead singer. He is a huge music fan but is particularly fond of rock and 80s music. He also likes DJing and loves performing in any way. He likes making people laugh and his favourite track is ‘Bittersweet emotion’.


Our newest member of the group, Danielle has been drawn to the microphone and is beginning to create new tracks with band. The loves the Rolling Stones, dancing and karaoke. Danielle loves coming to the sessions and her favourite track is ‘Here to have a Good Time’.

Danielle W

Danielle is a real multi-instrumentalist who has skills on drums and keyboard but also contributes vocals to some of the Clubland’s tracks. She enjoys travelling round the UK, dance music and WWE star, John Cena.


Ken is usually found on the keyboards in the Clubland’s songs. He adds texture the the bands tracks with a variety of synth sounds. Ken is a lover of ‘Happy Days’ and musicals like ‘Shrek’, he is also a fan of Showaddywaddy and has recently turned his hand to DJing with appearances at Under The Stars.


Primarily a singer and percussionist, Mark is well known for his distinctive T-shirts and love tea. He enjoys singing along with most music but is particularly fond of Michael Jackson and Westlife.


Nathan is the solid bass player that every good band needs but can also turn his hand to lead guitar and the drums. He likes R&B, The Artic Monkeys and Sheffield United. He has also recently started DJing at the nightclub and his favourite track is ‘Travelling Blues’.


Robert is our very own ‘lone wolf’ who is primarily a drummer but has now branched out to playing bass and adding some vocals. A fan of Iron Maiden and all things noisy and heavy Robert also introduces some of the band’s songs. He likes writing songs and is very interested in creating video and visuals for the band.


Our lead vocalist is well known for his booming operatic voice which he uses to devastating effect on many of the Clubland’s tracks. Sean enjoys socialising and cricket and is a fan of The Verve, Tinatious D and Oasis. His unique sense of humour is well loved by the group. His favourite Clubland’s tracks is ‘Darkest Night’.


Shane has shown real musical talent in everything he does with bands and is becoming a really good guitarist. Never seen without his trademark hat, he likes listening to any kind of music and enjoys DJing at our nightclub. His favourite track is ‘Rock On’.