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'All our Bands' wow the Leadmill

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Musicians from Under the Stars celebrate our many musical projects at the iconic Leadmill

photo credits Binks Live and Loud
The Sparkle Sistaz rock the stage!

On Sunday 20th January, we presented a fantastic and eclectic afternoon of entertainment live at The Leadmill. ‘All Our Bands’ showcased original musical performances from up to 50 artists with a range of learning disabilities.

We began running music workshops in 2010 aimed at the nightclub attendees and other disabled people in the Sheffield region. What was once a small weekly group has now grown to four weekly sessions, spawning many bands and musical collectives including The Stars Band, The Clubland Detectives, Without Heads and The Sparkle Sistaz.

Over 200 people joined us to enjoy the fantastic musical flavours that have emerged from our vibrant musical community. The event represented many years of hard work and dedication from our musicians and tutors, often overcoming physical and mental barriers in order to play and create music.

Ruth Parrot Under The Stars General Manager said;

‘I’m so proud of every one of our learners at this event. ‘All our Bands’ represents a huge amount of hard work and commitment. It’s brilliant that they have produced so much original material to share at such a prestigious venue. We are so pleased to have a partnership with The Leadmill who totally understand the needs of our performers and attendees.’

The Clubland Detectives!

This event was kindly supported by Horizon Supply, the merchandise company for Bring Me The Horizon and Persimmon Homes, who have appointed Under the Stars as one of their community champions.

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