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King Lear Storms the Crucible Theatre!

King Lear Retold storms the Crucible Theatre!

It’s fair to say that our Monday group absolutely wowed the Crucible Theatre at the beginning of July.  Their interpretation of King Lear surpassed all expectations.  We loved this review from a regular theatre goer.  We couldn’t have put it better ourselves!

‘I wanted to share just how inspiring King Lear was.I was struck by how powerful it was as an interpretation of the play; the combination of set, staging, sound, performance, costume and make-up was unique and emotive. Everyone involved should be deeply proud; it’s such a good example of how art can be the liberation of the best of human potential.  In the standing ovation, the dynamic between the actors and the audience was truly joyful. 

Three Works

If you missed King Lear this time, worry not.  You can catch it again as part of our ‘Three Works’ Event at Theatre Deli on September 8th. You can also see additional works from our theatre groups!   Click here for more information and to order your tickets!

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